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  • Franciscoby Francisco
  • 2 years ago

Crypto-Angel Offers The First AI Application

There is no doubt that technology has advanced a lot, and it has completely changed our lives in many positive ways. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future and so are cryptocurrencies. What if we combine both of them to make something unique, innovative, and profitable? Crypto-Angel is a virtual life assistant just like Siri and Alexa but more intelligent and powerful. It is a blockchain based AI that will help its users get the most out of their investments in ICO and cryptocurrencies and also act as their consultant. Since blockchain technology is being used to create a world with more secure transactions and less paper currency, it’s an exciting time to witness AI and blockchain combining to create something valuable and innovative.

Objective of Crypto-Angel

AI enhances human intelligence, and this is what Crypto-Angel is focused on doing. The users can connect with the virtual consultant by downloading its mobile app. The app will be simple to operate, quick to navigate, and helpful. The consultant will have answers to almost all your questions and will be prompt and smart. Basically, Crypto-Angel combines AI, blockchain technology, and P2P technology to provide you with the world’s first democratized AI application as well as decentralized system of integration. The objective of Crypto-Angel is to create a balance between the demand and the supply side. Supply side here refers to the developers who will build and maintain a robust AI whereas the demand side is the users who will connect to it using the mobile app.

Crypto-Angel is a non-profit organization which creates, manages, and updates the Crypto-Angel token. Any profit which the company earns will be utilized in further development of the tokens. The Crypto-Angel platform will be used to promote the following type of participants:

  1. External developers – the ones who will submit their AI models to be part of the generalized AI system
  2. Data providers – ones who will submit their crypto data that will be part of the bigger training pool
  3. Miners – ones who will receive profit by mining in the Angel currency


The working model of the Crypto-Angel Token:

Under the stewardship of Stefan Jovanovic and Vladan Podjanin, the co-founders of this organization, a team of eight other people drawn from different technical backgrounds works behind Crypto-Angel. They aim to develop a group of private investors interested in cryptocurrencies for identifying, assessing, and helping to invest in small and medium size digital coins and other crypto assets. The mode of operation will help to consolidate the investors under the Angel Token community and work jointly to capitalize their presence in the digital currency market.

This method will allow investors to have a better hold in the crypto-market. Rather than a mere investing cryptocurrency entrepreneur, the Crypto-Angel token platform can help to guide the investors to a real growth in terms of investment. The platform can improve the visibility of investors in the market and market the identified cryptocurrencies. The significant objective of the Crypto-Angel platform is to identify the potential crypto assets which has excellent growth opportunities and those digital currencies that are presently undervalued but has the potential to grow.

The experience and expertise of the promoters will be an excellent catalyst, since they are from different technological backgrounds, such as online marketers, programmers, developers, and also actively participated in digital currency development with various companies.

Crypto-Angel ICO

The token symbol of Crypto-Angel is ANGEL. The start date of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is February 24, 2018 whereas the closing date of the ICO is March 31, 2018. On the beginning ICO date, Crypto-Angel will issue a maximum of 70 million tokens out of their total 88 million Angel tokens which means 79.5% of the total tokens will go up in the sale. One can buy Angel by only using the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The current pricing structure is 1 Angel is equal to 0.001 Ethereum. Everyone shall have the opportunity to invest provided they buy at least 50 Angels, i.e., they are willing to invest 0.05 Ethereum. The platform is offering bonus tokens to the investors. It will be 30% bonus to the first 30% of the hard cap, 20% bonus to 30-45% of the hard cap, and 10% bonus to 45-60% of the hard cap. The tokens that cannot be bought during the ICO will be destroyed and will not be included in the main market cap. Tokens purchased during the ICO will automatically be sent to the account of the users. One can also buy Angel in fractional amounts.

Use of funds

As already mentioned above, funds generated during sale of the token will be used for development, maintenance, and updating of the platform. Forty percent of the funds will be used towards administration and operational areas; another forty percent will be used towards core engineering and development work; fifteen percent towards marketing and promotion; and the final five percent will go towards legal and regulatory areas. The above percentage is not absolute and are likely to change as per the situational demand.

How do the tokens work?

Any investor will look for the dividend offers and how the distributions will work. The Angel token platform plans to develop a high value diversified portfolio. After careful analysis, investors will have the opportunity to verify the asset valuation on a monthly basis. It will help the investor to choose the right crypto-assets. Investors shall be offered a quarterly dividend as part of the portfolio gains, and the dividend will be distributed in ETH. The quarterly dividend will be between 10% and 25% of the profits of the portfolio.


People might be apprehensive about buying the Angel token regarding the security issue. As a new and untested technology, there will always be a chance for other platforms to be established that would provide the same services as Crypto-Angel at more lucrative terms. There is also a risk of hackers interfering with the organization’s platform and lead to denial of service attacks, malware attacks, spoofing, smurfing, and so on. Also, as Crypto-Angel is based on Ethereum protocol, any problem in that cryptocurrency will have adverse effects on this platform as well. A private key is necessary to control or dispose of the Angel currency. Loss of this private key will lead to loss of the cryptocurrency as well.


Crypto-Angel has got the potential to turn into one of the most popular and significant AI assistants. It is intelligent, scalable, robust, effective, and fits the need of the users perfectly. Unlike other token platforms, the innovative approach of the Angel token offers more transparent details of the investment and also offers a monthly verifiable evaluation portfolio report, which will be helpful for the investor to decide on their investment. The novel approach will help to add value to investments and shall make positive changes in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto-Angel tokens are ideal for people who are looking for returns on their investment on a quarterly basis.